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We were at the Population: One Boot Camp!

It’s always a pleasure to see the VR community come together. A great example of this was the Population: One Boot Camp and Community Day last Saturday, January 23rd. This was an awesome initiative by the Population: One community, where experienced players welcomed and trained newcomers.

As you know, Population: ONE is one our favorite games to play right now. We stream it on Twitch almost every day and as a result, we’ve gotten pretty good at it! We figured it would be fun to share our expertise with other players. Therefore, we joined the event as mentors too! It was a great experience to be able to help newcomers get better in the game. We streamed the event as well.

Wouter, who was mentoring a boy and his mother during the Boot Camp, was really glad to be able to contribute. He said “It was a pleasure to have a mother her son join us for this 2.5-hour bootcamp. I taught them plenty of valuable skills and we even managed to get a decent win rate!” about his experiences at the event.

Apart from teaching newcomers new skills, the Community Day was also a chance to get involved with the community. Players met each other and asked questions about the game via groups like the community Discord and the community subreddit. It was really pleasant to see so many players willing to help each other and playing together.

Events like this truly build communities and keep them together. Due to the unfortunate situation that the world is in, the only way to meet people and socialize is joining online events. This is even easier in virtual reality since it’s much more fun than just sitting in a Zoom meeting. Therefore, it looks like such VR events are going to become more and more popular in the coming days. Besides, keep in mind that you can always join our Discord server if you want to meet new people and make friends!

Yigit Kirca
Yigit is currently a university student in the Netherlands. He has always been interested in VR and was fascinated by the possibilities it brings, especially in gaming. He is currently the digital content manager of VREsports.com.


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