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How VR Can Help You Go On With Life During COVID-19

It’s needless to say that COVID-19 has turned the world upside down, and changed our lives radically. We can’t go out as much, we can’t meet new people, and most of us can’t even do sports. Now, with cases increasing around the world again, people are talking about the approach of a second wave. Well, this means that we might have to quarantine as we did in the beginning and say goodbye to social environments once again.

During these times, most people have found the solution in meeting friends online in platforms such as Zoom or Discord. Some people who weren’t gamers before started gaming with their friends or with strangers on various platforms. Recently, a lot of people hopped on the latest trend of Among Us simply because you can play it with friends.

However, the potential of video meetings or online gaming is limited, and in the end you’re still left with the need to physically meet your friends and loved ones. In this case, virtual reality comes to the rescue. VR can upgrade our online interactions and fill this void. It can allow us to meet and even game with our friends like never before.


There are platforms that let you hang out with your group, like VR Chat. If you don’t feel like gaming, you can just hang out with your friends and you’ll figure out a lot of things to do together during quarantine. Of course most people aren’t looking to just hang out, and gaming is where VR gets even more exciting. Games like Pavlov, Phasmophobia and countless others are pretty fun to play multiplayer. You could even say that VR games are already more fun than regular games. The fact that you can play them with friends makes them a great candidate to cure the “quarantine boredom”.

A common issue among people during quarantine was the lack of exercise. Everyone was complaining about gaining weight, or just getting bored since they weren’t able to move as much. VR solves this problem too. VR games require movement anyways, but for the ones who want to go further, VR esports come in. There are people who do this professionally, just like regular esports, but you can of course do it just for fun. There is an ever-growing community of VR esports players so you can meet and play with people on Discord for instance. This is another solution to the problem of not being able to meet new people. Furthermore, with tools such as Virtuix Omni, which lets you walk, run, jump and basically anything you want to do, VR esports start sounding even more exciting than regular sports.


Another aspect of this, which is unfortunately not as exciting as gaming, is the implementation of VR in education or business. The method of education completely changed with COVID, and everything turned online. This begs the question; can VR be the next step? VR platforms can of course have some advantages over the current education methods. For instance, it can let students to see 3-D models, run simulations and experiments etc., allowing them to understand better. This would, of course, mean that all the students or employees would need access to a headset. This setback could be solved by using cheaper equipment such as Google Cardboard, but turning education completely into a VR setting would require more time.


With the virus, it’s pretty clear that online means of spending time are taking over offline ways. Virtual reality can be a huge upgrade to this. In the world of gaming and esports, this is already happening. Who knows. In the future, our life online could be more exciting than our real life, and we might all start to prefer a virtual world like the Oasis in Ready Player One. It’s no doubt that COVID-19 is just speeding up this process.

Yigit Kirca
Yigit is currently a university student in the Netherlands. He has always been interested in VR and was fascinated by the possibilities it brings, especially in gaming. He is currently the digital content manager of VREsports.com.


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