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HP clears the way with HP Omnicept: mixing VR with AI & biometric data, enhancing user experience

HP makes it easier for developers to build applications specifically tailored for personalised experience by launched an XR platform called Omnicept.

The innovation train rolls on! This time it is HP who introduces an awesome XR platform. Asides from 6DOF movement, the headset comes with eye tracking as well as the option to track your heart rate. Last week, HP announced that their new $599 Reverb G2 headset will ship in November. Read more about this headset on UploadVR.

There are so many applications for extended reality that actually add value. Why not use this technology to further enhance athletes’ decision making processes? How about assessing what type of situations are spotted within the blink of an eye or analysing what makes professional esports players stand out from the rest?

By tracking your heart rate, along with the controllers and head movement tracking – it won’t require much effort for a developer to create a health tracker. Applications like YUR (which we will soon cover in another article) already apply this in specific games.

Some other real life applications, to name a few: Training simulations / Onboarding / User experience / Therapy / Mindfullness.

This technology clearly allows for great data tracking and AI learning opportunities. It would be exhilarating to be within an AI simulation that adjusts course based on how you are feeling. Now thát is a personalised experience!

The tech was already there, though there are few options out there that actually make it accessible. Hopefully this is a step in the right direction!

Wouter van den Bijgaart
Even before the first consumer VR headset was introduced, Wouter had already fallen in love with VR and its wide-ranging potential. In 2016, he started his VR Entertainment company, The VR Room, with only 2 headsets in the trunk of his car. In 4 years time, the company has grown to a team of 40 across three venues in the Netherlands, as well as Reality On Demand Studios, a development studio with 8 VR developers.


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